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May 10, 2010

Airline reviews: TACA Airlines

In August 2006, I flew from Los Angeles, CA to La Ceiba, Honduras, on a fully packed red-eye flight on TACA Airlines. An American friend who I was meeting down in central America recommended TACA airlines, and I discovered it was the cheapest. Before my trip though, I must say I had never heard of TACA Airlines.

TACA’s tagline is “Lowest Airfares to Latin America,” and I agree, they truly are! You can fly from Los Angeles to Guatemala City for under $300, when they have their special. The airline has a total of 50 destinations around the world, and continues to grow. They even fly out of Toronto in Canada!

I arrived three hours early for my flight and spent about 90 minutes waiting in line at LAX. Even though I was still in California, I felt like I was in central America. Perhaps it was the timing of my flight, (around 11 p.m.), but it looked like everyone in line was going home, not on a trip. While everyone else had huge quantities of luggage, I had a backpack.

A man behind me who was going home to Honduras asked me if I might check a couple of his bags for him, so he wouldn’t have to pay fees. Huge alarms went off in my head, and the word BOMB kept flashing in my mind! I politely declined, but kept my eye on the man the rest of the time. When I got to the counter, the representative had a very difficult time speaking English to me, and my broken Spanish wasn’t working. In the end though, I got a free upgrade to First Class.

When I got to the terminal waiting area for my flight, the same gentleman that had stood behind me in line sat down next to me and my husband and asked again, would we be able to carry on some of his items. I think maybe he had some people carry his extra parcels through the TSA station. Nonetheless, I declined again and listened to my ipod.

The flight was great. My husband and I were treated very well in First Class, and the meals and coffee were delicious. The plain was clean and we had plenty of legroom to stretch. Our luggage did not get lost or damaged. The return flight home was only half full and just as good. If you are going to travel to Mexico, Central America, or South America, check out TACA Airlines at www.taca.com.

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