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April 20, 2010

Best cheap eats in Los Angeles, California

Living in Los Angeles is expensive. Stretching your money out is important when the rent is high, gas prices aren’t cheap, and paying for parking everywhere you go.

So when you have to delve out all that money, how does one eat at a good price?

Here are my top 5 places, in no particular order.

1. In-N-Out Burger. (www.in-n-out.com). This is the best burger you will find in Los Angeles, maybe even anywhere in the US. In-N-Out is a fast food place that doesn’t over crowd their menu with loads of choices. They only have burgers, fries, and shakes, but they are the best you will taste. Founded in 1948, they use the same recipe as they did back then. You know you are getting fresh when you see the workers making the french fries in front of you. You can get your french fries in a certain way called Animal Style (which consists of fried onions, their Thousand Island Dressing, and cheese). The wrapping on their burgers is the same too. With several locations in Los Angeles (and a few in the Southwestern states), you won’t have to drive far to get to one). In-N-Out is a favorite among celebrities. Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie stopped at one after she won her Oscar.

2. Tito’s Tacos. (www.titostacos.com). Centrally located in Culver City, it’s just minutes from local colleges. It’s reminiscent of the old taco stands. Since 1959, people have been standing in line for the delicious Mexican food. Tito’s Tacos has had lots of devoted people all those years. With tacos that cost a $1.45, it won’t hit you in the pocket. Tito’s Taco’s prides themselves on making things fresh daily. Their tacos and tostadas are excellent. Be prepared to wait in line. Also, they only accept cash, so head to the bank before you go.

3. Yoshinoya Beef Bowl (www.yoshinoyausa.com). If you are looking for a place to eat some great Japanese bowls, this is a great place. Bowls cost, on average, between $4-6 dollars. Don’t like beef? They do have chicken and vegetable bowls. They also have soups and salads. The meat may look a little stringy, but it is very good.

4. Canter’s Deli (www.cantersdeli.com). A Los Angeles staple since 1931, it’s located in the heart of Los Angeles, minutes from Hollywood and The Grove shopping center. With a deli, lounge, and bakery, there is not shortage of choices. The place isn’t the most great looking (or smelling at times), but the food is why people keep coming back. The pastrami reuben, Matzo Ball soup, and carrot cake are some of my favorites.

5. Diddy Riese. This is the ultimate cheap dessert eat. Located in Westwood Village near UCLA, on 926 Broxton Avenue in Los Angeles, it’s the perfect location for college students. Here, you can get an ice cream cookie sandwich for $1.25. The smell of fresh cookies fill the store and intoxicate you to buy one, even if you didn’t intend to buy one, while your friend did. There is usually a line late at night, but it’s not that long. They also have some cheap eats like hot dogs, chips, and soda. The chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip ice cream are the best combo.

Many of these places have been around a long time, with devoted customers. Which says a lot about these cheap eats. Not only are they not a flash in the pan, but know how to keep the people coming back for more.

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