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March 28, 2010

Best Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles

Chinese cuisine is very popular in Los Angeles especially in Chinatown no doubt they have some of the best Chinese restaurants in all of Los Angeles.

The three below are my personal choices and I think you will find each of them to your liking.

~ Empress Pavilion ~ Located on the second floor of the Bamboo Plaza.

The tables are covered in white lines table clothes, white lines napkins are delicately folded in to the shape of a duck and set upon your dinner plate. While this Chinese restaurant is very traditional in its cultural way of doing things they offer both tables and pillows to sit on as well as chairs for those of us who prefer not eat dinner sitting on the floor. The same is true for the eating utensils if your skilled with chopsticks you’re welcome to them if not forks are also available.

The menu written in both Chinese and English offers a Dim Sum menu (light meal served with tea) with three dozen meals to choose from price ranging from $2.25 to $6.00 a meal.

The complete menu offers appetizers, soups, noodles, and fried rice dishes prices range between $4 and $14 a dish.

They offer two family menus both are for parties of ten people the first menu is a ten course meal including tea and dessert. The price is $158.

The second family menu is also a ten course meal including tea and dessert the food items on the second menu are more gourmet than the first menu raising the price to $198.

The VIP menu also serves ten people and you have five menus to choose from prices start at $388 and the most expensive is $998. With the VIP menu comes a VIP room and your own servers. The VIP menu is a favorite among the celebrities it’s not uncommon to see a few tables of actors, directors and producers having dinner while discussing a new script.

The most appealing thing about The Empress Pavilion is their ability to accommodate all diners from the $3.00 meal to the $1,000 dinner party. The dress code is upscale causal and reservations are recommended but not always required. To view their menu go to www.empresspavilion.com

~ Bamboo Cuisine ~ Located on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

The Bamboo Cuisine Chinese restaurant has a magnificent dcor of statues and live bamboo; the orange colored walls provide a relaxing atmosphere. Small tables are available for a romantic candlelight dinner for two or a large round table suitable for the entire family. Looking for a nice place to hold a birthday party or bridal shower the Bamboo Cuisine

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