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April 24, 2010

Catch the Latest Basketball Action With Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

Los Angeles Clippers tickets are perfect for those, who are looking for some fast-paced court action. The Clippers may not have any big wins to their name yet, but they are certainly doing their best to snag a few victories in the NBA.

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently based in Los Angeles, California and play their home games at the Staples Centre. They are a part of the National Basketball Association’s pacific division and western conference. The Clippers have yet to post any big wins and were founded in 1970.

A Brave Start

The Clippers began their career as the Buffalo Braves. While they made a number of good acquisitions in terms of team members, they kept notching up bad performances on the court. By 1976, the owner was trying his best to sell the team and he did- the team was not only involved in a lawsuit, but also changed hands a number of times. In 1978, the team was finally moved to San Diego.

San Diego did not seem to fare any better for the team- even though their performance had improved, they had a long way to go to pull themselves out of the rut they were in. The team seemed cursed in that whatever good players they had were often out with injuries. With game attendance low, the team was moved to Los Angeles. Hopes were high that Los Angeles Clippers tickets would sell better than they had in the other places.

Seven Seasons of Disappointment

For those trying to get their hands on Los Angeles Clippers tickets today, it might be hard to believe that this team was regarded as being bottom of the barrel for seven long seasons. Key players were bogged down with injuries and in the case of Norm Nixon; the injury was sustained during a softball game. During the 1986-1987 seasons, the team made the dubious distinction of having the second worst season record in the entire NBA. Needless to say, sales of Los Angeles Clippers tickets were on the low side as well.

While continuing to play in a weak manner, the team was almost constantly acquiring and trading new players, while shifting coaching personnel as well. By 1999, the Clippers found themselves with a young and inexperienced team- going into the new century; many basketball observers did not see how the Clippers would make it.

And yet they did. Sales of Los Angeles Clippers tickets began to pick up almost immediately, after a number of players were added to the team, all of whom played a dynamic and high-flying style of basketball. By the 2005-2006 season, the Clippers were clocking in a number of winning streaks and finished with a 47-35 record. The team would go on to win its first playoff game in 16 years in 2006. The demand for Los Angeles Clippers games has now become so high that they have renewed their contract with a local television station. Moreover, there will be more spots on ESPN as well as a radio broadcast. If you would much rather see the Clippers live in action, you can see them without waiting in line- just contact an authorized ticket vendor online for your Los Angeles Clippers tickets.

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