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April 8, 2010

Getting to Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, otherwise known as the City of Angels, is one of America’s most famous cities. It is most well known for its entertainment industry. However, that is far from its only attractions. With its sun-kissed beaches, mountain ranges and rich culture, Los Angeles is brimming with charm for international visitors. Accessibility is therefore quite high.

By Air – Los Angeles has not one but six major airports, and that number is not inclusive of its many private airports. The main airport is Los Angeles International, which has nine terminals to cater to the huge amount of traffic that the airport gets every day. Each terminal caters to different airline providers, so you may want to confirm in advance which terminal you will be arriving at or departing from. Most major airlines fly to Los Angeles International. Examples include US Airways, Air Canada, Air France, Air Canada, KLM, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Continental. Once you have arrived safely at the airport, you can either hop on the free shuttle buses which will take you to the subway. Different shuttle buses will take you to different subway stations, so be sure to choose one that best serves your intended destinations. You may also want to take a taxi, but this can be rather expensive, especially when traffic is a problem.

Other airports in Los Angeles include Long Beach Airport, Bob Hope (Burbank) Airport, Orange County / John Wayen Airport, LA/Ontario Airport and LA/Palmdale Airport. While these airports are smaller and typically further away from the main area of Los Angeles, you will be able to save on cost, especially since these airports have more shuttle services.

By Train – The main train service is provided by Amtrak. If you are from US cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Chicago, New Orleans or Kansas City, taking a train to Los Angeles might be a cheaper and preferred option. Besides Amtrak, there are also Metrolink trains, which are even cheaper than train services provided by Amtrak. However, Metrolink trains run less frequently, so you may want to confer with your respective schedules before making a decision.

By Bus – You can also hop onto a bus to get to Los Angeles. Main bus service providers include GotoBus, LuxBus and Megabus. If you are from US Cities such as Anaheim, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco, bus service is a viable option.

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