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May 15, 2010

Guide to the Los Angeles fashion district

The Los Angeles Fashion District is a world-renowned wholesale and retail shopping experience in the heart of Southern California. Spanning over ninety blocks, this fashion event incorporates a retail-shopping trip with the sophistication of a buyer’s market for the shops and labels across the country. Whether you are looking for women’s fashion, accessories, textiles, or flowers, there is something for everyone at the Los Angeles Fashion District.

Market weeks take place five times a year. These are only open to wholesale buyers representing retail stores around the world. Retail buying is open to the public Monday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There are four distinct areas of the Fashion District. The most popular shopping area in the District is Santee Alley. This area is located between Santee Street and Maple Avenue. It is popular because it resembles an open-air market. There are bargains galore, and a little haggling going on as well! Food courts and restrooms are located directly next to Santee Alley, and this is a good area for families to browse on a sunny Southern California day.

The Los Angeles Flower Market is one of the most popular flower markets in the world. For a small fee, the public can browse every type of flower imaginable. There are pre-made bouquets, as well as custom arrangements for every style in their airy central location on Wall Street. The aromatic scene is one of intense flavor, with a burst of fresh color around every corner. Mingle with wholesale buyers as you peruse the aisles of the florist industry. This is one experience that you don’t want to miss!

The textile area, located between eighth & Olympic, sells fabric in every color and style. Notions are also sold here, such as needles, thread, and zippers. This area is popular with international visitors, as well as wholesale representatives from textile companies from around the country.

“The Intersection” is an area where some of the best showrooms in the world display their products. Setting the trend for future seasons, these showrooms appeal to wholesale buyers and their clients. The four showrooms are The California Market Center, Cooper Design Space, Gerry Building, and the New Mart. Each showroom exhibits the latest trends in fashion, and accessories.

Directions, parking, admission fees, and information on the Los Angeles Fashion District are located on the web at www.fashiondistrict.org. There you will find information relating to special events, bargain pricing, and hours of operation. The Fashion District is one of the most popular areas to visit in Los Angeles, and with all of the bargains to be had; it should be at the top of your destination list!

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