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August 17, 2010

House: Spencer Versus Chase

In a recent interview, Australian actor Jesse Spencer spoke up about the differences between himself and his character of Dr. Robert Chase, whom he plays on the Fox medical drama series House. Spencer claimed that he was very, very different from his character, with the only real link between them their physical appearance. In his enumeration, the 28-year-old thespian laughingly explained to thestar.com that he was more courageous and loyal, though also more laid-back and less driven to compete and come out on top. In general, Spencer concluded, he was a much better human being than Chase and less likely to backstab someone for personal gain.

Spencer was initially skeptical over the role when he first heard about it, figuring that House would just turn out to be a primetime version of the medical soap opera General Hospital. But after his agent provided him with a copy of the script and Spencer learned that it was actually quite engaging, he went on to try out during an audition. After a successful initial round in England, he had to spend all of his money in order to fly to Los Angeles in the United States, though he says it was well worth the expense.

The actor recalled that when he initially arrived in America, he found lodging at a small youth hostel located along Melrose Avenue, which cost him 40 dollars every night. He says that it was difficult at that time, but it was also a humble start which he learned from. Spencer is also glad of the fact that he still keeps in touch with many of the friends he made at that hostel, and considers the transition from the U.K. to the U.S. to have been a good one. Though another ironically humorous turn was when he began reading lines with British actor Hugh Laurie, who plays the titular antihero of the series. While Laurie was trying to lose his accent and don an American one, Spencer’s character still kept up his own accent, leading to an unhappy Laurie.

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