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May 16, 2010

How to Deal With Auto Crash Accidents in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the biggest city in the state of California and the second biggest in the United States. It is the most car-populated city in the world with one registered car for every 1.8 people.

Every day in Los Angeles’ major streets and highways, innocent motorists and bystanders are injured or killed by negligent or hostile drivers. In fact, an alarming percentage of accidents results in personal injuries.

Being involved in an auto crash is a stressing predicament. Worse, you have to deal not only with the injury itself but also with its legal consequences. Thus, looking for an expert and experienced auto crash attorney is the first step you should make to resolve your legal problem.

Auto crash attorneys in Los Angeles provide comprehensive personal injury experience. They insistently seek the best financial compensation for accident victims. With their legal expertise in the practice of law, you may recover the maximum amount of damages for your personal injury.

It is bear stressing that in an auto accident, the offending driver is legally responsible for any injuries as well as the damages to the vehicle. It is a possibility that an ordinary person may not be knowledgeable about the applicable laws. Thus, hiring the best auto accident attorneys who can successfully represent you is the wisest decision.

You might say, “I’m a careful driver or I follow traffic rules, there’s no way I will be involved in an automobile accident?” You cannot always be assured. Remember, you are not the only one using the street. You share the streets with other huge vehicles driven by drunk or negligent drivers.

As a precautionary measure, it is wise to keep a first aid kit in your automobile. Emergency kit such as flares, flashlight, cell phone and a disposable camera are also helpful objects in case of accident.

In case of accident, you may find the following helpful:

• If you are inside a moving vehicle when it occurs, immediately pull over to the safe side of the road. Turn on your hazard lights. Put emergency device such as cones or triangles alongside the road so that other road users are cautioned of the accident.

• Check to see if you or any other person is injured. If there is, do the standard first aid measures.

• Call for help. If you are on a highway and do not have cell phone or telephone, find a roadside phone that you can use.

• Get pertinent information such as the following:

o Name, address, phone number, license number of all drivers or plate number of the automobiles involved

o Name, address, phone number of all passengers or witnesses, if any

o Insurance companies of all drivers involved especially the offending driver Registered owners of all cars.

• Avoid discussing the accident to anyone unless asked by the police. Do not admit your fault or make any accusations. These statements may be used against you later.

• Report the accident to your insurance company immediately. In case of any discomfort or pain, visit a doctor immediately.

• Consult your Los Angeles auto crash attorney for any legal action possible

These simple steps will not only make the accident scene safe but they could facilitate easier claims from the insurance company. The next time you meet an accident; have no fear. Now you know how to deal with this type of situation.

Our auto crash attorneys advocate the protection of personal injury victims’ rights. Visit our website and get the chance to consult our dependable Los Angeles attorneys.

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