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August 1, 2010

Los Angeles Bars & Restaurants Have Surprises in Store

Los Angeles bars, clubs and restaurants have been gaining a reputation as some of the most exciting nigh spots in the United States. While Los Angeles restaurants do not have quite the culinary reputation as the competition in San Francisco, they have carved out a niche with specialties such as California cuisine, nouveau diner and classic Mexican. Los Angeles clubs have a solid reputation as being some of the best in the world, too, whether you want to hit the trendiest spots where the stars hang out or watch some of the latest rock bands perform on the Sunset Strip.

Many of the latest Los Angeles bars worth checking out are actually hotel bars, but these aren’t the old stuffy dark wood places with brass rails and snooty old white haired bartenders that one might imagine to find in the lobby. Los Angeles clubs and bars in hotels such as the Wilshire, the Standard and the Hard Rock Hotel are just as trendy and innovative as any of the freestanding spots about town. After a late night of drinking and partying at these Los Angeles bars and clubs, though, any visitor to this swinging city is sure to have worked up an appetite.

One thing that is unique about Los Angeles restaurants is the large number of late night and all night options that are available, and these are not all greasy spoon diners like one might imagine. Although there are Los Angeles restaurants that do fit into the diner category which are open quite late, many of these eateries are taking a new approach to the classic American cuisine with a host of international influences. And many of the Los Angeles bars that are open late into the night also serve food, including sushi restaurants and other fresh and healthy options.

When it comes to Los Angeles clubs, bars and restaurants, one thing is for sure – you will surely be surprised at what you find.

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