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August 25, 2010

Los Angeles Moving Company

Can you imagine anything more stressful than moving across country with 8-month old twins? How about moving again – 6 months later??
Yep – call us gluttons for punishment; but that’s what we did. After we got settled into our rental house, after we had unpacked everything – we moved again. When we moved to Spokane, we knew that we eventually wanted to move into our own house. We also knew that we wanted to live in a certain area in town – anywhere in the Mead School District. Steve had researched the school districts in Spokane and found out that the Mead School District was the best in the state of Washington. Now, I understand that our sons were only 8 months old – but there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead – right?

We really didn’t plan on moving 6 months after we had just moved into our rental house – but when fate deals you a certain hand, you play it! The way we stumbled upon our house we now live in is by accident. Our boys were notorious for falling asleep in the car and rather than trying to take them out of the car and lay them down in the house – we would just drive around for a while. Sometimes we drove an hour, sometimes 2 hours and sometimes it was just around the block. We did occasionally go home and leave the boys in the car (checking on them every 10 minutes or so), but not very often.

Since we had to drive – we drove all over Spokane County. We have driven on roads that people who have lived here their whole lives have never been on. We drove out in the country, up to the mountains, along the river – everywhere. With all this driving around, we found many, many different housing developments – new and old. Sometimes when the boys weren’t asleep, we would drive around and go into new houses and look around. This was always a fun way to kill a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

So, we drove around and looked at houses; we found a neighborhood we really liked and we found a brand new house that we also really liked. One of the things we really liked about the house was the lot it sat on. There were tons of trees and a huge yard. We immediately thought it would be a perfect house for the boys to grow up in, a perfect yard for them to play in and also for Diablo to run in. So, after all the house buying details – we found ourselves moving again! The boys were just 1 year and 1 month old when we were moving again!

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