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March 24, 2010

Making the Most of Your Los Angeles Vacation

From the need to spend a day at its famous beaches to the benefits of hiring taxi cab services in Los Angeles —tips to make your visit to the city as enjoyable as possible.

You’re off to your much-deserved vacation in Los Angeles and you can’t wait to lie on its golden sand beaches, hang out in its bevy of hot nightspots and catch a glimpse of a famous Hollywood star.

Before you pack your bags and fly to LAX (that’s L.A.-speak for Los Angeles International Airport) however, you might want to slow down and read this tips to help you make your vacation in the City of Angels as lovely and enjoyable as possible:

§ The weather of the entire year is pretty much conducive to vacations, but because smog levels tend to worsen during July and August, it’s recommended that you skip these months. Go instead between March and April when blooming flowers decorate the city or during September to October when the skies are clear and there is little or no fog (or smog) to dampen your trip.

§ Going to Los Angeles without visiting its beaches is almost blasphemous (this is the home of Baywatch, after all), so be sure to spend a day lounging on L.A.’s famed shoreline. Take your pick from among its numerous stretches of powdery sand (Hermosa Beach, Venice Beach and Manhattan Beach top the list) and soak in the rays of the golden California sun.

§ Take advantage of the fact that L.A. is home to some of the United States’ best restaurants and treat yourself to a nice little meal at one of its many luxurious restaurants. Whether you’re craving for hot Mexican dish or a healthy, organic meal, there’s bound to be at least a couple of restaurants in L.A. that can satisfy your appetite. ]

§ Make the Hollywood fan in you ecstatic by going on a tour of L.A.’s studios. Visit the sets where some of your favorite TV shows are filmed and get a chance to see some of the world’s biggest stars (which are, by far, still the city’s number one attraction) shooting a scene or practicing their lines.

§ Los Angeles is a city ruled by cars (there are approximately 26 million cars registered in the city). Unlike New York where walking is the most common means of moving from one place to another, no one gets from point A to point B in this West Coast city without hopping into a car.

Some vacationers in Los Angeles opt to rent a car and drive themselves around the city. The problem with this is that people not familiar with the area becomes susceptible to getting lost in the city’s cornucopia of freeways or find themselves stuck in the most congested areas during the rush hour (remember that L.A. is infamous for its traffic jams).

Instead of renting a car, consider hiring the services of a taxi. A taxi cab ensures a comfortable and convenient means of going around city’s famous tourist spots. Because the cab drivers have a thorough knowledge of the city, they can avoid areas heavily congested areas and look for alternative routes that can take you to your destination quicker.


For more information on how to go around the city, visit this site on taxi cab services in Los Angeles .

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