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March 28, 2010

Pack it up: Why Los Angeles moving is different than other cities

Although I’m a Pennsylvania native, I tried to relocate permanently to Los Angeles back in the late summer and early fall of 1983. I have visited Los Angeles twice, and on my second visit there in 1981, I fell in love with the city, and I did not want to go back to Philadelphia. At that time, I was very unhappy working as a nursing home kitchen worker, and I wanted a change. Just like me, thousands of other people are attracted to the perfect climate, warm sunshine, blue skies, the beaches, and show business.

I prepared for this by taking business courses around my work schedule, as well as getting my GED. On my Saturdays off from the nursing home, I would go to the main branch of the Free Library in downtown Philadelphia, go to their newspaper department, get the latest Sunday issue of the Los Angeles Times, and check out the office jobs. After all, I was preparing myself for a new career in the business world.

From my second day there (Tuesday, August 30), I was going out every day looking for a office job, but nobody would hire me because I didn’t have office experience. I went to various office staffing agencies, they tested me for my typing, my typing skills were terrible, and they wouldn’t send me out unless my typing skills got better. I also remember going into this furniture store in downtown Los Angeles to apply for an office job there. The manager looked at my application and he refused to hire me. He said that he didn’t have time to train anybody and that he wanted somebody with experience. I even applied for two office jobs that paid well, and I got my hopes up high that I was going to be hired for them, but unfortunately, I didn’t. One staffing agency wouldn’t even see me because they said that I wouldn’t stay there long and end up going back to Philadelphia, but I didn’t; I had every intention on staying. In fact, I remember seeing some job ads in the Los Angeles Times where they wanted local (L.A.) references only.

It was there in Los Angeles that I got into the telemarketing field. I had interviewed for, and was hired on the spot for jobs in Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, and Santa Monica. I had to get some business experience somehow, and this is how I did it. But they poverty-level wages, and you cannot live in California, let alone here in Philadelphia, on poverty-level wages.

Unfortunately, for family reasons, I went back to Philadelphia, and I’ve been back here ever since. It did not turn out the way that I had expected it to be.

Every year, you hear about thousands of people flocking to Los Angeles hoping to start a new life there; only to end up leaving, especially people who want to try and make it in show business.

If you really want to pursue your dream and move to Los Angeles, make sure that you have several thousand dollars saved up, because the cost of living there is extremely high. Make sure that you also have marketable job skills and experience in the field where you are looking for work. Also, make sure that you convince a prospective employer that you are there to stay. Most employers there are very hesitant to hire transients.

If you want to get into show business, be prepared for the rejection that you’re going to face, and take whatever suitable job you can while you’re “looking for your big break.” Show business is a dog-eat-dog business. You may be on top of the world one day, and then down at the bottom of the heap the next day.

Los Angeles is a great place to go on vacation, but forget about living there.

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