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August 16, 2010

Professional Sporting Teams of Los Angeles

Sports lovers no doubt love the city of angels, Los Angeles. From nail biting games that will keep you on the edge of your seat, no sports fan should miss up a trip to Los Angeles without seeing the local professional teams showcase their skills. From football to baseball to basketball to soccer to hockey, sports fans of all ages will find an event just right for them!

LA Lakers is by far the most famous of Los Angeles sports teams in the world. The yellow-and-purple team spells victory by its very presence. The fact that they have won National Basketball Association’s highest honor year after year is ample evidence of its success. Watching the Lakers on the floor is a treat to the senses, and certainly not something you can miss when in Los Angeles. You will see some great basketball action.

For more basketball action, check out the Los Angeles Sparks, the Women’s National Basketball Association team that calls LA home. The talented women of the Sparks take on other WNBA teams across the country, so don’t miss out on a great night of sporting.

The Los Angeles Clippers is the other hometown team for the National Basketball Association. During basketball season, your entire family can enjoy the hot basketball action in the city of angels. The excitement of a Clippers game will remain an unforgettable experience for you.

The Los Angeles Dodgers present the best show in town among summer sports. This is something you just cannot afford to deprive your children of. When they see this classic team wearing their world famous uniforms, they will want to see them in action. So, take your kids to the ballpark and enjoy all the action around the diamond.

If you are a soccer fan, catch up with Major League Soccer’s Galaxy which has its base in LA. Soccer is picking up very fast and you can be a part of the trend by watching a soccer game during holidays. Go ahead and check their schedule, it will be an experience worth remembering. Soccer has made great ground among youngsters and is expected to takeover from baseball as the Great American Pasttime.

If you are a lover of Ice sports, catch up with Los Angeles Kings. This National Hockey League team is equally appealing to fans of all hues. They really set the ice on fire with their skills when they take on other NHL teams from all over the country. Do not forget to check their schedule! They organise special events and giveaways for families, children and the young ones.

If you want to be a part of pigskin action, Arena Football League’s Los Angeles Avengers are the right team. Arena Football League is an alternative to the long-established NFL and has gained huge popularity.

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