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July 27, 2010

The best places to find used cars for sale

Sometimes in life, being politically correct is the wrong choice; and being smart oftentimes requires us to be politically incorrect; such is the case oftentimes when it comes to purchasing vehicles as I shall explain:

Many times people pay more (sometimes much more) for a used car than they do for a new one. I’m not going to mention dealership names since I’m not sure I can. A few years ago my aunt purchased a brand new 2005 Toyota Camry for thousands less than used ones were being sold for at that time. The MSRP on her Camry was $21,800, so the dealer sent her an internet quote for $16,200. I then sat with her on the internet, and we searched one-two year old 4 cylinder Camry’s. She couldn’t believe her eyes: they were selling many 2003’s and 2004’s Camry’s with 25-30,000 miles, some with higher mileage all for more money than the new Camry she was quoted on, and the sad thing was: they were all relatively equipped to the one she purchased. So people should be very careful when looking for used cars on the premise they will cost less than new ones; this isn’t always the case.

The city you live in is an important factor in all of this. I live in Los Angeles, and there are some dealerships here which are considered the largest in the world; so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when I say: it’s easier to get a better deal on a used car in a big city, than on smaller ones. Another problem which is probably why cars like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, are better purchased new is: depreciation, which in partly is the reason my relative paid less or about the same for a new Camry than on a used one. Japanese cars depreciate very little, and cars like Lexus’ depreciate so little; it’s preposterous to purchase a used one!

Of course if you’re looking for American cars; then you should look at used cars. Rental cars agencies are great for purchasing used cars like-for example: the Ford Taurus. A few years ago a co-worker of mine purchased a used Taurus with 22,000 miles for a mere $8000.00, not bad at all; especially when you take into consideration they gave her extra warranty on the vehicle for free. So rental agencies are good places to go when considering a used car. Chevy’s and Ford’s are discounted thousands of dollars on rental agencies making them “great retailers” when looking for used cars.

Today, the internet is a great source. Not only for purchasing a used car, but for making comparisons like the one I did when I proofed to my relative that it wasn’t worth it to her to purchase a used car over a new one.

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