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April 19, 2010

Tips To Finding An Apartment In Los Angeles

There are many similarities between finding an apartment to rent in Los Angeles and any other big city, in particular, the options available to you to locate the house of your dreams. Using a real estate broker or classified listings is where many people begin their search.

There is a wide variety of apartment designs on the market, in different conditions, you have to be careful to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the terms in the apartment rental listings so that you do not waste your time or money.

Keep in mind that the apartment you are looking for in Los Angeles that is listed by a broker is described in the most attractive way in order to rent it. Sometimes the description in the listing is on point, but in some cases the description gives you a false impression. If you are uncertain about something in the advertisement, ask the agent to explain it to you. For instance, if an apartment is described as “newly renovated”, ask what year was it renovated. If the renovation is more than 2 years old, in terms of real estate, then it is not “new”.

Another example is “conveniently located”, convenient for you may not be the same as what is convenient in the real estate brokers mind. Remember, their job is to “sell” and as the buyer you have every right to know the facts before your sign the lease for your new apartment.

Los Angeles is a large, urban environment that has different types of apartment communities and conditions. Choose a real estate broker who is familiar with the area you want to live in, because they will have a good selection of listings from resident owners. As you review apartment listings with your broker, ask him about the neighborhood; the location of the post office, grocery stores and what ever services you need to make yourself comfortable in your new apartment.

One feature which is important in Los Angeles is parking. There are some apartment complexes where parking can be a problem because of the number of residents or poor management. In either case it can present you with a time consuming problem and it is better to know about the situation before hand to decide if the other features of the apartment outweigh any problems you might have with parking.

The amount of money you spend on finding the place you want to live should not exceed 33% of your monthly income, this includes not only your rental fee but your utilities and any expenses related to your home. Be aware that some apartment complexes in Los Angeles have separate service charges that will raise the actual amount you have to budget monthly. Once you decide on a list of apartments to visit, make sure you have access to the building manager or owner and ask them what services are included in the apartment rental, as well as who will be your neighbors.

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