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June 10, 2010

Travel And Transportation In Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles International Airport, the main airport in Los Angeles, is best known by its airport code, LAX. The airport is located in city’s southwestern area, approximately 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

LAX sees more ‘origin and destination’ passengers than any other airport in the world. It also is the world’s fifth-busiest airport when measured by passenger traffic, and 11th by cargo traffic. In 2004 more than 60 million travelers were taken care of and more than two million tons of freight. Not surprisingly, it is the busiest airport in the state of California.

In terms of passengers from overseas, LAX is America’s second-busiest airport, behind only New York’s JFK International Airport. It is the major regional hub for United Airlines, and the secondary hub for Delta.

United Airlines flies to the most destinations, followed by Delta, then American Airlines. United also sends out the most international flights to the Pacific, while it, Air France, and Lufthansa share the lead with destinations in Europe. Delta carries the most passengers to Latin America.

The airport is located on 3,425 acres, and is one of the most prominent locations for commercial airplane spotting, most notably at Clutter’s Park in El Segundo, where the entire southern area of the airport can be watched. Another spotting location is right under the final approach for one of the many runways, on a grass lawn next to a local burger restaurant. Spotters may view a wide variety of low-flying commercial airliners from directly underneath.

Though LAX is the biggest airport in Los Angeles, the region has several airport systems because of its huge size. A good number of the area’s top tourist attractions are closer in proximity to airports other than LAX. For example, Griffith Park and Hollywood are nearer to Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport, while John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana is nearby to Disneyland and Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Long Beach Airport is close to many of southern California’s coastal attractions.

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