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April 27, 2010

Your Budget for Moving to Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles can take a bite out of your wallet if you do not plan for it carefully.  You will be better prepared for the move if you consider all the sources of income you will have associated with the move.  Do not forget to list all the expenses that will come up as you relocate to Los Angeles. 

You may be surprised to know that a move is not all about paying.  There may be many ways that you will come into money when you are moving to Los Angeles from another city.  Some involve what you can sell and others involve money that is owed to you. 

You might have a spare car that you do not want to move.  Any car that can be driven from point A to point B without breaking down can bring you a sizeable reward.  People who just need a car to get to work are always looking for good dependable cars.  If you are moving to Los Angeles you can sell your car before you go and come into some money. 

You can sell furniture that will not go with the new interior decorating scheme you plan to have after moving to Los Angeles.  In this case, the furniture might be in very good condition; it is just that you want something different.  People will often pay a good price.  You can sell miscellaneous belongings at a yard sale for more cash. 

Your expenses will depend somewhat on the type of home you are moving from and to.  You might have to pay first and last month’s rent and deposits if you are moving into a rental property.  You will usually have to pay utility deposits when you are moving to Los Angeles.  As you leave your old home, you may need to hire cleaners to fix up your old home before the buyers will accept it. 

Your most important moving expenses when you are moving to Los Angeles are the moving services or the moving van rental.  Whether you move yourself or are moved by a service, the hauling has to be paid for when you move.  You will also need packing supplies if you pack yourself. 

You will have personal moving expenses when you are moving to Los Angeles from another city.  If you fly, you will have to pay for airline tickets and possibly taxis or rental cars.  If you drive, you will pay for fuel, tolls, meals, and hotels. 

Moving to Los Angeles can be costly, but if you are ready with a sound budget you can stretch your dollars pretty far.  Do not forget to think about the money you have coming in and going out as you are moving to Los Angeles. 


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